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June 1993 ~ January 2010

I admit, I didn’t want a cat. But, my wife and daughter did, so we got one.

Over the course of the next 16 plus years, the cat adopted me. We became inseparable. She followed me from room to room, came when I called her, and always wanted me to pet her, or to sit on my lap. If we went outside, she’d wait by the door for us to come back in. She slept beside me every night and greeted me at the door when I came home from work. In short, she loved us, and we so loved her. Sadly, our little Katie Kat passed away on January 10, 2010.

Thanks for the love Katie, we’ll never forget you, and we will always love you.

– Steve and Cindy Perkins


February 5, 1992 ~ January 11, 2010

We lost Maynard right before his 18th. birthday. He was my best friend and constant companion. Maynard taught my dog-loving husband to also love cats by demanding constant ear rubs. Maynard would also race my husband into the bedroom at night so that he could show Ray who I rightfully belonged to. I spent many mornings with a cat wrapped around my head and there were many nights we awoke to the sound of a 16 pound Siamese galloping around the house with a case of the kitty crazies. We firmly believe that Maynard wouldn’t have lived as long as he did without the wonderful care he received from Dr. Havens and the staff at Parkside. We loved him dearly and he will be greatly missed.

– Marsha and Ray Guy


April 1, 1998 ~ January 10, 2009

I rescued Maggie from a humane society in Orlando FL in 1999. She moved back home with me in 2001. Next to those big brown eyes, her heart was always her best asset. She loved everyone she met, and everyone loved her. For more than 10 years, Maggie has been my best friend. I had to say goodbye to my friend today and there will always be an empty space in our home and heart.

Dr. Craig Johnson and the rest of the staff at Parkside Animal Hospital have always treated Maggie like she was their own. I will be forever grateful for the love and care they gave her.

Rest in peace sweetheart… we miss you.

– Matthew and Kristi Wallpe


August 1993 ~ May 2007

Pepper was our first official pet. She was a pet store bunny so many years ago. She and her siblings were in a small cage at a pet store in Carmel. I had been desperately looking for a small rabbit to bring into our home. My husband, who had never had pets in the house, had finally agreed to getting a pet. He voted for hamster; I wanted a cat, so we got a rabbit!?! She was the best! She would jump in the air, shake her head and take off like a little grey streak of lightening. She was small but she had a very large personality. At first, I’m sure she thought her name was “Hey stop that!” I had no idea rabbits had so much personality or could get into so much trouble! She taught us so much. Patience-winning her approval was never easy; electrical skills-who knew rabbits liked cords so much; and most of all how to open our hearts and home to her furry kind of love. Pepper moved with us to Virginia for 12 years and then back to Indiana. She opened the door for many more furry companions, but she was always the matriarch. She is the reason I started working in veterinary medicine. She is missed everyday.

– Julia and Roger Rinker


It was a very sad morning at the Hornak household and I wanted to let you know that Balloo passed. I wanted to thank you for all of your care for Balloo over the past few years and I only wish we could have beat her stubborn infection.

I thought I would share a life story of Balloo for you to remember her by and let you know how Balloo got her name. She was a Halloween baby, fitting right, as she was all black. I brought her home along with her brother and fellow litter mate Rafikki the day before Halloween and she was wearing a pumkin colored scarf with little ghosts on it. The pet store was reluctant to sell them so close to Halloween for fear of the holiday, but knew me as I owned a restaurant just up the street from their pet shop. I was told not to take them out of their transport box until I got home, but of course five minutes into my drive I couldn’t take it and opened up the box. They both had an impact on me almost immediately, but it was Balloo that impressed me with her calmness of the situation. She just sat on the passenger seat and observed me all the way home. Once I had enough time to make a decision, it was clear to me that she had a mellow personality and so I decided that she was to be named “Balloo”, after the great mellow Balloo bear from Jungle Book. The name choice was perfect and she lived up to it with her great calm nature.

Thanks again for all of your care of Balloo.

– Dave, Shelley, Rafikki, Duncan & Pepe


In memory of our beloved Kerri 1997-2006

Kerri was my beautiful chow husky mix that I found running down 146 the street in Carmel, after posting notices and no one responded she was mine. She was approximately six months old. She was my love..She loved to take walks, ride in the car and loved Dairy Queen in Carmel, where they would put a dog biscuit on top of her ice cream cup. She never was a problem just wanted to be loved..she had her bed next to mine and would not get up until I did. In March of 06 she was having problems. Dr. Johnson diagnosed her with liver cancer…She took her medicine twice a day and passed away on October 25, 2006. Dr Johnson was so helpful to us during her sickness. He did everything to make her and our family comfortable. Dr. Johnson told me when Kerri died, He could not believe she held on for so long..she was a happy dog who literally smiled… she is still to this day missed and loved. She was cremated and is still with us.


April 1, 1992 ~ March 20, 2010

I found Axle ‎in the spring of 1992 when I saw an ad for free kittens. I drove out to a farm in Brownsburg and found a mother surrounded by 10 or 12 new born kittens. I reached into the cage and lifted out a little gray kitten that seemed to choose me. Axle lived in 12 different homes with me across 3 states. She was the smallest animal in our house, but ruled with an authority that none of the others dared challenge. Old age finally caught up with her this year. Kristi and I had to put our Axle to sleep this morning, just a couple weeks shy of her 18th birthday. You will be missed baby. But I know your presence will be felt in every part of our home.

Rest in peace baby girl… we miss you.

– Matthew and Kristi Wallpe


In memory of Mike 2000-2010

Our little boy Mike was a baby feral cat, we got him when he was just six weeks old in 2000. Our dog Kerri raised him. She would carry him around the house as if it were her baby. Mike loved to eat!! Before he became sick he weighed in at 27 pounds. Mike had a great life, he could tell time, every after noon around 5 o’clock he came to the kitchen telling me it was time to eat. If someone said hi to him he would answer meow. He was our little boy. He suddenly got sick in March of this year. I took him to see Dr. Johnson. We had to leave for vacation, he took a turn for the worse, and had to be put down, his liver was failing. I wanted a friend to be with him, but Dr. Johnson and staff held him for the transition. They knew him and loved him. He was in the best hands ever. I will always take my animals to Parkside, they are our family and friends.


November 1993 ~ July 20, 2010

Near the end of 1993, while working at a veterinary clinic near Purdue, a co-worker’s family brought in Riley. At the time we thought she was around 6-7 weeks of age. She was in very bad shape! They had found her on the side of a country road, battered and bruised, with some of her teeth missing as if she had been kicked. She had several big bruises on her body and burns which resembled those from cigarettes. She was also mostly hairless, from having a skin mite called Demodex. Needless to say, I fell in love with her from the very beginning! Riley quickly became my shadow and traveled with me everywhere! She enjoyed spending time at my parent’s home, as they live on a farm, and there was always something fun for her to do. But, for the most part, she was happy just being with me. She was such a big part of my life for so long and saw me through college, my marriage and the addition of our boys! She wasn’t quite sure what to think of Kaleb, our first son, but by the time he was sitting in a high chair and happily throwing food on the floor, she soon became a close friend of his as well. When Korey arrived, it just meant more food would be going her way, which always made her happy! Now that she is gone, I miss her so much everyday! She had always been my shadow and now that my shadow is missing, it makes me very sad. She never let me get out of her site, and for the most part was always in the same room with me. I now find that I closely watch where I step as if she still might be under my feet. I know that feeling will soon fade. I loved her more than words can say and I will forever miss her! Thank you to all of my Parkside family for seeing me through a very difficult time. It really meant a lot!

– Julie Klimek and family
Technician at Parkside Animal Hospital


In memory of Hooch.

Hooch was rescued by our family in 2007. He joined our family of Pat, Mel, Kylie and Canyon, (English Mastiff), we lost Canyon to a bloat in 2007. Hooch was a wild boy. The complete opposite of Canyon. Canyon would lay out in the front yard and not move (distraction test) for hours. Hooch would be tied to a cinder block and if a leaf blew by he would be after it dragging the cinder block. After we lost Canyon in 2007 Hooch took over as the guard dog of the family. He and Kylie became best of friends. He would always keep an eye on her and would have a nervous break-down if he lost sight of her. He was always a super good boy. No real medical issues, small cancer tumors on his hip that were removed. Hooch started vomiting on May 10th and then lost interest in water on May 12th. Walks were his favorite. A good mile or two miles every-time and this week he became slow and would lay down on the walks. His favorite wrestling partner was Dr. Johnson and he would be excited to come to the Doctor because of Dr. Johnson. We knew it was bad when Hooch would not even smear Dr. Johnsons face with his slobber on May 14th and had lost 13 pounds. We lost Hooch to a possible Cardiac Arrest on May 17. Dr. Havens and staff did everything they could to rescue our handsome boy. As always Parkside Animal Hospital is the best at patient care and we are certain he was in good hands. Handsome, loving, dedicated Hooch, we will miss and love you forever. Thank goodness for the thousands of photos we have to remember him by.

– The Roberts family.


December 2008 ~ November 2010

My Sli, my Sli Da Man, my Sli Da Mannies, my baby, my son, my best friend, my American Bulldog, my pet, my DOG!!!

You will truely be missed dearly. You will always be in our hearts. Your pain and sufering are now over. No more having to fight with cancer.


In memory of Sadie.

We will forever miss our sweet doodle-girl!

– StefAnn Windhorst

Marcy Mae

Our sweet Marcy May, you are so missed by not only your family, but your furry brothers and sisters as well. Our prayer is that you are chasing birds, barking to your hearts content, free from pain and fences. Until we all see you again!

– The Page Family


It’s taken me a while to write this. My sweet Killian was set free from his pain on March 9th, 2010. He went from limping to lame on his front right leg in a matter of weeks. I knew before Dr. Johnson even said the words that he had cancer. He was only 4 years old. My wife and I used to foster with Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue. I will never forget the day we got a call asking if we wanted to foster 4 Alaskan malamute puppies that were found on the side of the road in a trash bag. After much debate, we decided to give it a shot. We drove down to Shelbyville and picked them up; Killian was a Daddy’s boy from the start. I convinced my wife to let me keep him and the rest is history. He was always at my side, my shadow, my confidant through trying times, I miss him everyday. Godspeed pup, you will be missed.

– Chris and Beth Nakfoor

ROWDIE Woolsey

We want to thank Dr Havens and all the Parkside staff for the wonderful care they have our ROWDIE over her 15 yrs. Especially in her last couple years when we had to decide to remove her eye due to cancer , Dr Havens talked us through it and Rowdie did amazing. We were able to take her with us to lake michigan for vacation. We have alot of great memories. She is greatly missed but we will honor her legacy by rescuing another shelter dog and give her a forever home.

– Tracie and Bill Woolsey


May 1, 2001 – August 2, 2017

Sasha dog was not only a best friend, loving sister, and wonderful babysitter. She was a sweet, loving, old girl. We didn’t meet her at birth, but 10 months old is when we met. She and I met in a crowded German Shepherd cage. Some how we found each other. She had her problems, but who doesn’t have problems. She helped me to be a good mother to her and 2 human sisters.

Love you always Sasha dog.


In loving memory of our brave little guy BooBoo 2003-2018.

Booboo was fearless, feisty, cuddly, fun, and such a character! He will be missed everyday as he was and will always be an important member of our family. Thank you for the years of love and laughs you gave us buddy. You were a gift and now you’re our angel. Enjoy heaven you sweet beautiful boy.

Thank you to everyone at Parkside for taking such amazing care of him over the years until his very last breath. You are all amazing, animal-loving, compassionate human beings.

Sweetie McMahon

Sweetie was actually named by Dr. Johnson at Parkside…when we brought her in very injured he said “What has happened to this SWEET dog??” We rescued Sweetie from a very abusive situation and rushed her to Parkside. She was 5 years old, in 2005. Her injuries required 60 stitches and 2 surgeries. Dr. Havens, Dr. Johnson, and the Parkside staff saved her and we will always be very grateful. Although I have had many pets over many years, Sweetie was the most special to us, she was brave up to the end, in November, 2016. We miss her daily. Thank you Parkside for your loving care over 11 years.
To read more of Sweetie’s story you can obtain “Sweetie’s Scars: A Journey of Hurt, Hope, and Healing” available on Amazon and all proceeds go to the “Sweetie Rainbow Fund” at the Humane Society for Hamilton County and that fund will help injured pets get the help they need to make them more adoptable. 

– Sharon McMahon


December 17, 2003 – June 21, 2010

During the next seven years, Schnitzel became my “bestest buddy.” He loved long walks and couldn’t wait for me to let him loose to run through a nearby soccer field. When I stooped to greet him at the door each evening, he would put his paws on my knee, nuzzle my cheek and gently nibble my earlobe. His favorite toy was a feathered cat wand that he chased until he was totally exhausted. He learned to ring a bell when he wanted to go outside and that a beach towel on the floor meant he was about to get a chew toy. I often hid treats in my pockets and when prompted to “find”, Schnitzel would root through my clothing in search of the tidbits. He loved burrowing under blankets and slept by my side each night. He would then rouse me each morning with impatient prods of his cold, wet nose. When he became too weak to get on the bed by himself, he would scratch at the bed skirt until I picked him up and brought him into bed with me. Schnitz was the most loving, joyful dog I’ve ever met. When he died, a huge piece of my heart went with him.

I am so grateful for the kindness, understanding and compassion Dr. Mike and the staff of Parkside showered on Schnitzel and me throughout the months of Schnitzel’s illness. Schnitz rarely showed any fear or anxiety during our many trips back and forth to the clinic, which showed me that he trusted Dr. Mike and his staff as much as I did. When Schnitzel decided to get off the rollercoaster ride of illness and go Home, Dr. Mike and his staff were there to catch us both.

– Mary Beth Trotter


When Charlie was a puppy, and slept in a crate at night, you would wake us up when he needed to go potty. When we let him out, you went out with him but just sat by the door until he came back in. That’s what made me realize that you only did that for Charlie’s sake, not yours. You were the big brother who shared your toys and even your bones with Charlie and Murphy when they were just 6 weeks old.

You did the funniest things too. I will never forget the Ray Charles act as I called it where you would sway back and forth when you got a pigs ear. Pigs ears were your favorite thing in the world and we couldn’t even spell it or say it in pig latin without you knowing what we meant and demanding one by barking.

I don’t think anyone would ever believe that you actually carried Agnes, the kitten I got you, by the back of her neck, and dropped her into the bathtub when I was taking a bath one day. You were always carrying her around the house and then putting her down where you wanted to play with her. I’m so glad I got some pictures of that. You also started barking off to the termites on the basement and warned us we needed to get a good pest control service from, you were always that cautious.

You didn’t like it when you barked at us because you wanted something and we ignored you. But when you added in the stomping of your feet on the floor, now that was hilarious! Yes, you definitely made us laugh a lot. After the surgery for your intestinal blockage, where your stomach was cut open from one end to the other, we both said we thought you would be back to normal when you started stomping your feet. And that’s exactly what happened!I remember getting ready for work one day and hearing the sound of water sloshing around only to find you running in circles (doing the Indy 500) on the waterbed. You were always getting into something. One day, when it was very quiet, and I didn’t know where you were, I called you and said, “Benny are you getting into the cat box again?” You ran over to me and obediently sat down with the most innocent look on your face, as if to say, “Not me, mom!” But the kitty litter that was stuck all over your nose gave you away.

You were terrified of thunderstorms but we didn’t mind putting you in bed with us and comforting you because you were our son and our best friend. We didn’t even mind buying you your own fan because you liked to stay cool at night when you slept. Or the doggie waterbed to keep you cool during the day. Yes, you were quite spoiled! The vet used to say that we had a Doggie Hilton. A few weeks ago, Jeff put your doggie boots on you to give you more traction on the floors since you were starting to slip a lot. You were so happy that you weren’t slipping on the floors any longer and walked all over the house with tons of pride because you were mobile again. Every time I saw you, all I could think of was that song, “These boots are made for walking”. You looked adorable.

Yes, we would do anything we could for you because you brought us so much joy and happiness while you were with us. You were a kind, gentle, loving dog and I wish you knew how much we miss you. One thing we know for sure is that no matter how many dogs we have in our lifetime, there will never be another Benny! Thank you for all the happiness you brought into our lives. We love you more than words can ever express.

– Mom, Dad, Murphy and Asher