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Tribute To Schnitz

During the next seven years, Schnitzel became my “bestest buddy.”  He loved long walks and couldn’t wait for me to let him loose to run through a nearby soccer field. When I stooped to greet him at the door each evening, he would put his paws on my knee, nuzzle my cheek and gently nibble my earlobe. His favorite toy was a feathered cat wand that he chased until he was totally exhausted. He learned to ring a bell when he wanted to go outside and that a beach towel on the floor meant he was about to get a chew toy. I often hid treats in my pockets and when prompted to “find”, Schnitzel would root through my clothing in search of the tidbits. He loved burrowing under blankets and slept by my side each night. He would then rouse me each morning with impatient prods of his cold, wet nose. When he became too weak to get on the bed by himself, he would scratch at the bed skirt until I picked him up and brought him into bed with me. Schnitz was the most loving, joyful dog I’ve ever met. When he died, a huge piece of my heart went with him.

I am so grateful for the kindness, understanding and compassion Dr. Mike and the staff of Parkside showered on Schnitzel and me throughout the months of Schnitzel’s illness. Schnitz rarely showed any fear or anxiety during our many trips back and forth to the clinic, which showed me that he trusted Dr. Mike and his staff as much as I did. When Schnitzel decided to get off the rollercoaster ride of illness and go Home, Dr. Mike and his staff were there to catch us both.

Mary Beth Trotter