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Tribute to Benny

When Charlie was a puppy, and slept in a crate at night, you would wake us up when he needed to go potty. When we let him out, you went out with him but just sat by the door until he came back in. That’s what made me realize that you only did that for Charlie’s sake, not yours. You were the big brother who shared your toys and even your bones with Charlie and Murphy when they were just 6 weeks old.

You did the funniest things too. I will never forget the Ray Charles act as I called it where you would sway back and forth when you got a pigs ear. Pigs ears were your favorite thing in the world and we couldn’t even spell it or say it in pig latin without you knowing what we meant and demanding one by barking.

I don’t think anyone would ever believe that you actually carried Agnes, the kitten I got you, by the back of her neck, and dropped her into the bathtub when I was taking a bath one day. You were always carrying her around the house and then putting her down where you wanted to play with her. I’m so glad I got some pictures of that. You also started barking off to the termites on the basement and warned us we needed to get a good pest control service from, you were always that cautious.

You didn’t like it when you barked at us because you wanted something and we ignored you. But when you added in the stomping of your feet on the floor, now that was hilarious! Yes, you definitely made us laugh a lot. After the surgery for your intestinal blockage, where your stomach was cut open from one end to the other, we both said we thought you would be back to normal when you started stomping your feet. And that’s exactly what happened!I remember getting ready for work one day and hearing the sound of water sloshing around only to find you running in circles (doing the Indy 500) on the waterbed. You were always getting into something. One day, when it was very quiet, and I didn’t know where you were, I called you and said, “Benny are you getting into the cat box again?” You ran over to me and obediently sat down with the most innocent look on your face, as if to say, “Not me, mom!” But the kitty litter that was stuck all over your nose gave you away.

You were terrified of thunderstorms but we didn’t mind putting you in bed with us and comforting you because you were our son and our best friend. We didn’t even mind buying you your own fan because you liked to stay cool at night when you slept. Or the doggie waterbed to keep you cool during the day. Yes, you were quite spoiled! The vet used to say that we had a Doggie Hilton. A few weeks ago, Jeff put your doggie boots on you to give you more traction on the floors since you were starting to slip a lot. You were so happy that you weren’t slipping on the floors any longer and walked all over the house with tons of pride because you were mobile again. Every time I saw you, all I could think of was that song, “These boots are made for walking”. You looked adorable.

Yes, we would do anything we could for you because you brought us so much joy and happiness while you were with us. You were a kind, gentle, loving dog and I wish you knew how much we miss you. One thing we know for sure is that no matter how many dogs we have in our lifetime, there will never be another Benny! Thank you for all the happiness you brought into our lives. We love you more than words can ever express.

Mom, Dad, Murphy and Asher