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Pet Boarding
We strive to treat your pets like family. Our hospital has boarding facilities for cats. All pets are played with and exercised daily. The hospital staff works to provide tender, loving, cuddling playtime for all.  We provide medical pet boarding to our patients. 

Pet Dental Care
Regular, professional dental cleaning is important to maintaining your pet’s teeth. We use ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar and plaque from you pets teeth. In addition, hand scaling is used to help remove deposits above the gum line. All teeth are polished upon completion of the dental procedure.

Pet Diagnostic Imaging
The hospital offers full X-ray and ultrasound facilities on site. We are able to have X-rays and ultrasounds interpreted by Boarded radiologists and internal medicine specialists in the same day, through the use of telemedicine applications.

Pet Grooming
Licensed groomer available for bathing and grooming. All pets are given a courtesy exam by a Hospital veterinarian during their visit. Pets must be current on all immunizations prior to grooming.

Immunization and Wellness Care
Our doctors take time to discuss your pet’s risks and needs with you. Then, only those vaccines that are needed are administered. Doctors adhere to the most recent vaccine guidelines and we offer a 3 year rabies vaccine for adult pets. Wellness care includes complete physical examinations, preventative health care, dental and diet recommendations, and much more.

Our hospital is equipped to perform much of your pets bloodwork and laboratory testing. Heartworm tests, Feline leukemia, and Feline Immunodeficiency tests are performed while clients wait and the results are generated within a few minutes. Complete blood counts, electrolytes, and serum chemistries can be run in house, while clients wait for those results.

Nutritional Counseling
We carry Science Diet and Eukanuba veterinary diets. We believe that diet is very important in your pets health and quality of life. Special, prescription diets can be ordered for your pet.

The hospital provides many types of medication, including heartworm and flea medication, pain medicine, antibiotics, behavioral medication, and much more. You can have your prescriptions refilled by completing the online form and you will be notified by email and phone when your medication is filled.

Large, surgery suite offers a sterile environment to perform surgery. Patients are monitored through pulse oximetry and body temperature. All patients are placed on a heating pad to maintain normal body temperature during surgery. In addition to spay and neuters, many other surgeries are performed on a routine basis. If your pet needs a surgery, please call us to discuss your concerns with a doctor.